During your stay we can arrange for additional adventures. You can choose from a variety of activities such as massage, yoga, dancing, hiking, ocean swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, healing horseback riding excursions, dolphin quests, zip lining, and farm and garden tours (check out our form). Of course, you can always just hang out and read, write, paint, or meditate.

Before you arrive we have you fill out an activity form of activities you would like to do while on your healing vacation. When we compiled our list, we were sure to only choose the best of the best. We recommend in a week stay not to overextend yourself. As part of the retreat we include daily culinary classes, counseling session, hikes or walk, stretching and breathing exercises, and a daily swim in the ocean. We do appreciate that you might wish to spend a day zip-lining or horseback riding, but we advise you to be careful not to do too much. Some of our guests choose to extend their stay so they have more time to get it all in.

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